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  • To Do List Software is an essential tool for anyone looking to get their task list organized. ShoutDone is a beautifully designed, simple to use task management application that will help you get organized and stay organized...
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  • To Do List Software is an essential tool for anyone looking to get their task list organized. ShoutDone is a beautifully designed, simple to use task management application that will help you get organized and stay organized...
  • On this page you'll find a full list of all the 'task management' and 'productivity' articles featured on the ShoutDone site - everything from 'How to manage your tasks' through to 'Top GTD tips for busy people'.
  • Most of us know that having a Daily Task List is a great way to organize our time. Yet many of us fail to exploit the full power of what is, pound for pound, probably the most effective time management tool in the world. So, here are ten simple tips to help ensure you squeeze the most from your Task Lists on a daily basis.
  • Life gets busier... and the busier you are, the more you need to have a sound process to control and manage not just your work but your personal life too. Despite this fact, very few of us ever spend the time necessary to put in place an effective task management process.
  • On the face of it, writing down all the things you have to get done seems an effective way to clarify and define the day ahead and so focus our efforts on what needs to be done. Given that, not surprisingly, the To Do list has become one of the mainstays of traditional task and time management.
  • Unfortunately, many people, even among those who think themselves good task managers, don’t ever really get to grips with what is one of the most crucial aspects of personal productivity.
  • Task management systems are meant to make life easier by helping us to identify and organize what we need to do and when we need to do it. The only trouble is, at least for most of us, that no matter how many To Do lists we write, we never gain the real control and organization that we crave...
  • Mention task management software to most people and they will immediately think of something they would use at work. And while it is undoubtedly important in making the work day more productive, it can also play a major role in helping us get more done outside the 9-to-5. When there is so much we could do with our time, we all want to focus our efforts on what gives us, and our families, the most pleasure...
  • In the 1980s, basic pen and paper To Do lists morphed into something more sophisticated with the advent of day planners and leather bound organizers. Suddenly, being organized was ‘sexy’ and everyone wanted a Filofax. But, no matter how you dress up handwritten To Do list techniques, they all have limitations when it comes to dealing flexibly with the increasing workloads that are the consequence of a 24/7, global economy...
  • The pace of today’s business environment is relentless and unforgiving - we seem to have more and more to do today, and tomorrow will be even worse. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks facing us, and our approach to the day becomes unfocused and unproductive. To overcome the avalanche of demands and distractions that threatens to engulf us, we need an effective means of bringing structure to the things we have to achieve each day...
  • You’ve decided that using pen and paper to create your To Do lists isn’t the way to manage a busy life or to stay on top of your workload, and you know there has to be software out there that will do the job, but even a cursory search reveals an overwhelming choice. So which to choose?
  • While many of us create Daily Task lists, few of us use them to good effect. So although they can be a simple and highly effective way to enhance our personal productivity, in reality often they don’t really help us to get more done. And whether we prefer to use pen and paper, the task management element that comes with an email package like Outlook, or one of the standard dedicated task management applications, it’s far easier to abuse, rather than use, our To Do lists.
  • Daily Task Lists are powerful productivity improving tools, giving the day much needed focus by setting out clearly what needs to be done. However, traditional Daily Task Lists simply don’t work well and quickly become dumping grounds for numerous ‘low value’ actions that end up being carried over from one day to the next...
  • Using a To Do list is the most simple task management system around. All it requires you to do is decide what’s important and then add it to a list. Yet all too often, the To Do list, which is meant to help us achieve more, just becomes a ‘vertical filing cabinet’ – a store for a myriad of ideas, thoughts and tasks that come at us throughout the day...
  • In the 1980s many people were converted to personal planning systems, lured by the promise of being able to live their lives by Filofax. Ok – I’m probably showing my age there, but I can personally remember the joy of opening up my first Filofax, complete with rail-maps I’d never use and a list of every single public holiday – you can never be too prepared...
  • As a modern manager, you more than likely find yourself working on countless ‘live’ projects at any one time, so it’s imperative to have an effective, reliable task management process in place if ‘balls’ aren’t to be dropped. Let me put it another way – NOT having an efficient system to help manage your tasks is like weighing yourself down with a super-heavy pack, at the start of a really steep hill climb. And then tying your shoelaces together for good measure...
  • When the business environment calls on us to do more and more in less and less time, if we’re not careful, it’s easy for work to take over our home life too. Increasingly, we leave for the officer earlier, get home later, even end up having to work our weekends. And if that weren’t enough, smartphones, laptops and now tablets mean we are contactable round the clock, wherever we are...
  • Too often, we tend to think of our To Do List in isolation, that is we think of the list of actions itself as the start and finish of our ‘system. If it’s on the list it generally gets done, if it’s not, it doesn’t. Sound even a little bit familiar?
  • Trying to keep on top of your workload without a proper task management system, in a world that is ever-more hectic and demanding of your time and energy, will inevitably limit your productivity and add to your stress. So why keep on muddling along when you can create a highly effective task management system for yourself - in almost no time at all?